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The new sustainable soap bag from Ben&Anna

by {{ author }} admin to Apr 25, 2022

The new sustainable soap bag from Ben&Anna

To avoid plastic in the bathroom, solid soaps are the perfect alternative to conventional shower gels, liquid soaps or shampoos. Not only do we save on packaging waste, but we also avoid microplastics that are found in the products themselves. But how do you properly handle the plastic-free option in the bathroom?
Stored in a common soap dish, soap cannot dry properly. In this case, the constant moisture not only decomposes the product, but is also a breeding ground for bacteria, which feel particularly comfortable in a humid environment. So what to do?

The simply ingenious solution:

With the help of a soap bag, the soap can be hung up after use and thus dry out all around.

Simple and small is the new BEN&ANNA soap bag - a true multi-talent. It holds a piece of Love Soap and ensures that the Love Soap can be hung up in it and thus dried optimally.

It can also be filled with soap scraps, which usually lie in soap dishes or stick to the dish and are no longer really suitable for washing due to their small size, but are too good to throw away.

In addition, the BEN&ANNA soap bag is ideal for showering and lathering up, because the Love Soaps foam up perfectly in the bag. The sisal structure of the bag also provides a skin peeling and frees the skin from dead skin cells.

Not only for storage

The Ben&Anna soap bag is not only for optimal storage, but can also be used during the "washing process". Put the soap in the bag, tie it tightly, moisten it with lukewarm water and knead it. The friction on the fibers of the Ben&Anna soap bag makes the soap foam up better and is easier to spread.

As a little helper, this product helps us to make our own everyday life more sustainable and to keep the bathroom plastic-free. With the Ben&Anna soap bag in hand, the next shower will be a sustainability experience in a class of its own...