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Our Mother's Day craft idea for you!

by {{ author }} admin to May 02, 2022

Our Mother's Day craft idea for you!

Mother's Day is a great occasion to spoil his mom once again really and say "thank you". In addition to flowers or a breakfast in bed, they are certainly most happy about a homemade Mother's Day gift that comes from the heart.

Maybe you need a craft idea for Mother's Day?

Crafting for Mother's Day works with the right materials and ideas but also at home.

For this we have come up with something, you can easily make a candle out of our toothpaste jars. With little effort you create a magical gift for your mom.

What I need:

  • Used Ben&Anna toothpaste jar
  • Layout template border / or a section from a book W:190x H:40mm
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive / double-sided tape
  • Tealight
  • Gift ribbon

Our craft instructions for Mother's Day:

  • First, thoroughly clean a used toothpaste jar from Ben&Anna. We have also provided you with a layout template under the following link, which you need for the border of the jar. Or you can cut out a page from a favorite book in the format 190x40mm.
  • Once you've printed out our template, cut it out completely, including the little hearts.
  • Then stick the label on the glass. It's best to use an adhesive that sticks to glass or double-sided tape.
  • To embellish it a little, attach a gift ribbon, or lace ribbon, around the opening and close it with a bow. Finally, insert the tea light and your gift is ready!

We hope you have fun making them and enjoy giving them as gifts.

Your Ben&Anna Team